Friday, February 22, 2013

The Lows and the Highs - February 22

On this day, one year ago, I went in for a routine OB appointment.  I went alone, leaving Sean home with the kiddos.  After all, it was supposed to be routine.

The doctor couldn't find the heartbeat.  I was nervous, but at the previous appointment he had a hard time finding the heartbeat, too.  And all was well after that appointment.

They sent me in for an ultrasound.

Ultrasound confirmed that our baby had passed away.

I went home in tears.  Driving home through blurry eyes.  Devastated to lose another baby.

I walked in our house to see Sean doing the dishes.  I had already called him to say the doctor was having a hard time finding the heartbeat and they were sending me in for an ultrasound.

Sean looked to me and I shook my head no, and the tears continued.  He immediately dried his hands and embraced me.  I am so thankful for Sean and the love and support he gives me!

It was a very low day.


Now, back to today.

I finally called Madison Memorial Hospital to see if I could make a donation tomorrow.

My timing couldn't have been better.

I got a hold of the right person, who would only be there for another two hours (it is a half hour drive for me).  She wanted to meet with me personally, if possible.  And she wouldn't be back until Thursday.

As quickly as I could, I got all the items together, with a special note attached to most items.  We left the house about 5:15.  We made it into the hospital about 5:50.  She planned to leave by 6.

Thankfully she hadn't left yet and we were able to have a good visit and I was able to show her everything we had.

She was very pleased, and loved all of it.  It was very heartwarming to think of what good these items will do.

I really didn't do much, other than deliver it.  I had so much help with all of it.  So many donations made to me, so I could donate them in honor of my angel babies!  (I will have another post detailing all of their beautiful creations!)

I really am thankful for Moroni and what he has done for me in my life.  I have been able to find peace through service.

It was a high day.

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  1. What wonderful news! I am glad you got to deliver the things! Love you tons!